Our mission today is unchanged since 1915!

We will remain guided by our core principle, which is to operate with the highest levels of trust, honesty and integrity.

We will continue to operate under one simple philosophy, to save our policyholders money through competitive Workers’ Compensation insurance prices and unparalleled personalized service.

We will continue our efforts in reducing policyholder premiums through the use of aggressive claims management and medical cost containment strategies.

We will continue to set the bar on customer service and continue to surpass customer expectations in regard to the service that we provide.

Our commitment to offering such a high level of personalized service is what makes us unique and distinguishes us within the industry. We will remain committed to maintaining this difference.

Above all we will remain committed to Pennsylvania employers and will continue to offer these prices and services to each policyholder regardless of size.


A Partnership For Success

We at Laundry Owners Mutual value our relationships with our insureds. We treat our relationships as partnerships, partnerships that are forged upon integrity and honesty, and built upon through successful workers’ compensation insurance programs. This combination is a partnership for success…from within these partnerships lies “OUR” success.

At Laundry Owners Mutual you are actually more than just a policyholder and a partner, you are actually an owner of the company. We are the only Employer’s Mutual insurance carrier operating in Pennsylvania…we are owned by the policyholders that we insure.

We strive to partner with employers who share our unique philosophy and principles and who are committed to the management of employee injuries.

Our partnership with our policyholders remains the foundation of our success. We value the opportunity to continue to service our partners and honor all opportunities to create new ones.

After all, our success is built upon your success!